• The Musikverein Vienna

  • Placido Domingo

    Sometimes pianists try to sound like singers: Me personally I try to sound like a Bösendorfer.
  • András Schiff

    The sound of Bösendorfer is very Viennese, in the best sense. With other pianos I don´t feel the slightest bit nostalgic but with Bösendorfer I feel considerable nostalgia. The differenciation and the truly fine sound, that´s Bösendorfer.
  • Gianluca Luisi

    I give Mira and the entire Bösendorfer team my heartfelt thanks for their affection and friendship and the warmth with which they follow my career as a pianist. There are never enough words for the beauty of the pianos. With appreciation!
  • Maestro Alan Gilbert

    The New York Philharmonic's new Music Director, successor of Lorin Maazel: I have always loved the sound of a Bösendorfer piano - playing such an instrument inspires one to try to find the most beautiful sound possible.
  • Grand National Theatre Beijing

  • Valentina Lisitsa

    I am never satisfied with mere perfection. It is uniqueness that I seek. Boesendorfer gives me a unique voice, unique palette of musical colors, unique tools to achieve my vision. From the most intimate recording studio to majestic spans of Royal Albert Hall - Boesendorfer is my ultimate choice.
  • Konzerthaus Vienna

  • Prof. Paul Badura-Skoda: Bearer of the "Bösendorfer-Ring"

    Once again the beautiful, singing Bösendorfer tone.
  • Jörg Demus

    I performed my very first recital, in the Brahms-Saal [of the Vienna Musikverein] on March 27, 1943, on a Bösendorfer. I likewise performed my 80th birthday recital, on December 20, 2008, on a magnificent Imperial. It should remain thus!
  • Alfredo Perl

    For me, a Bösendorfer means clarity and warmth, which I do not wish to miss.
  • George Duke

  • Gabriela Montero

    To Bosendorfer: Always a friend - loving and faithful
  • Ion Marin

    For Bösendorfer, warmest regards.
  • Philippe Entremont

    For all my life - my piano.
  • Conductor Joji Hattori

    I grew up in Vienna listening to the special sound of Bösendorfer, recently I have acquired an old Bösendorfer in perfect condition from the 1930`s - I love it!
  • Dr. Rainer Keuschnig

    To the piano company I love, with best wishes for the future. With long-standing affection.
  • Altenberg Trio Wien

    The long, often surprising history of the Bösendorfer company has time and again given us musicians occasion for joy.
  • Miroslaw Kultyshev

    Bösendorfer is a proud instrument. You have to conquer it, convince it, and then it gives you everything in its possession.
  • Andrea Padova

    Bösendorfer: the shortest way from a Keyboard to the heart of Music!
  • Pierre Boulez

    A piano I really treasure! Till next time.
  • Tori Amos

    There is no other piano in the world that can be called Alive. Alive as you would see yourself or a friend.
  • David Helfgott

    A lovely privilege to be playing such beautiful pianos.
  • Alexander Schimpf

    For me, the warm depth of sound and a wide dynamic range combined with excellent playability distinguish the special character of a Bösendorfer grand.
  • Elena Denisova and Alexei Kornienko

    Bösendorfer's tone colors captivate the listener by their variety and inspire the ensemble through their breadth.
  • Carlo Grante

    How fortunate to be among The people of Boesendorfer, my "friend" piano! The sound of my personal history , of my musical growth, the pianistic ideal, the pianistic ideal, to whose achievement I strive every day on my "Bosey", that I have the fortune of having on my side for the scarlattian Odissey. I wish to this Viennese treasure to continue to represent the highest standard of instrumental beauty.
  • Johannes and Eduard Kutrowatz

    Time and again, it's quite something to have a "friend named Bösendorfer" under your fingers. A friend a pianist can rely on!
  • Gonzalo Rubalcaba

  • Steinunn Birna Ragnarsdottir

  • Robert Werner

    The Vienna Philharmonic and Bösendorfer represent the "Viennese Sound".
  • Anja Franziska Plaschg

    Playing a Bösendorfer is always a special experience.
  • Walter Barylli

    During the years I served as concertmaster of the Vienna PhilharmonicI had the opportunity to perform with great soloists. And always with Bösendorfer of course.
  • Morgenstern Trio

    We create the greatest concert experiences in the sound world of a Bösendorfer: Bösendorfer transports emotion.
  • Oscar Edelstein

    Some people think that a Boesendorfer is a piano, but with very much less the Greek would have constructed a God.
  • Magne Furuholmen

    my primary reason for playing is composing, and i chose the bøsendorfer for its unique lyrical sound. i love the fact that bøsendorfer build their pianos more like a string-instrument than a percussive instrument - it's a kind of grown-up relative of the cello! magne f
  • Matt Bellamy

    Matt Bellamy of Muse, the famous British musician and songwriter, has recently purchased a Boesendorfer 225 for his personal use. Brian Kemble, Managing Director of Boesendorfer stated – “our celebrated Boesendorfer sound is not restricted to any one type of music genre. We are delighted that Matt has selected us.”
  • Josephine Koh

    For someone who responds and works continuously wioth the sound world, the Bösendorfer is undoubtedly the ultimate instrument of musical expression. Josephine Koh
  • Yuko Hisamoto

  • JJ Lin

    I have always believed great sound inspires creativity. With Bösendorfer, I literally feel myself writing better as I play!
  • Freddie Ravel

  • Konstantin Wecker

    Each moment is eternal. And most beautiful with a Bösendorfer.
  • Matt Savage

    For me, a Bösendorfer piano represents every aspect of the musical spectrum. Treble, bass, dynamics, lyricism, interaction… When I play a Bösendorfer, I feel truly in control of the performance. The Bösendorfer’s sound is beautiful and breathtaking.

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